Beach Essentials

Hi! During summer I like to go to the beach a lot, I just got back from a family trip to Jamaica. When I go to the beach I always like to pack some of my essentials in my bag.

So obviously I have to pack a towel, cover up (which is normally just shorts and a tank top), flip flops, water, snacks, and a camera (which is normally just my iPhone). But here are the rest of my beach essentials!

Beach Essentials-

◦ Swimsuit ~ This one is from Cupshe

◦ Sunscreen and Chapstick Sunscreen ~ I like this Coppertone sunscreen because it is reef safe, this Olay face sunscreen because it is light, and the SunBum chapstick (especially since it is cruelty free)


◦ Sunglasses ~ These ones are from a boutique in Hawaii

Bag (different color) ~ This bag fit everything, even the book!

◦ It’s a 10 spray and hairbrush ~ This saves my hair after the pool or ocean water and smells so good!

Book ~ So far I am loving this book!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your beach essentials are in the comments below!

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