Easy Halloween Costume – Sleepwalker

Hi! So Halloween is right around the corner so I figured why not give you guys a quick, last minute costume idea. Every year I always end up planning my costume super last minute so here is an easy costume idea that I used last year.


So the costume idea is a sleepwalker (AKA you just wear your pajamas). I wore this black tank top from Brandy Melville, any pair of pajama pants [mine have sharks on them], and a random pair of slippers that I owned. I put on simple makeup (concealer, powder, mascara, and filled in my brows).


There are many ways that you could add to this costume. For example, you could wear a sleep mask, put your hair in a bun, or carry around a pillow and blanket.



If it gets cold you can wrap a blanket around yourself to keep warm.


I really like this costume idea because it is simple, yet cute and super comfy. (:


Comment below what you are gonna do for Halloween!!!



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