What’s in My Backpack for School

Hi! So it’s back to school season (ugh take me back to summer) and I started school 2 weeks ago so I figured I should do some school related posts! Let me know if you would like me to make any other back to school posts.


So here is my backpack for this school year. It’s from Urban Outfitters. It is navy with a white chevron pattern and is super cute. The back pack has 2 small cup holders, a small front pocket, and the main, large pocket that has a smaller pocket inside of it. Inside the backpack there is the small pocket with a phone size pocket.


I also have a keychain from Paris, France that I got this summer from my vacation there.



So of course I have some actual school supplies:

  •  Paper Mate pens– I find that color coding my notes makes them look a lot prettier which makes me actually want to look at them
  • Sharpie highlighters– I like the wider tip ones cause I find that they highlight the words better
  • Paper Mate mechanical pencil– I prefer mechanical pencils to regular pencils
  • And then I also have a travel size hand sanitizer because school is full of germs


So I have some more pens and pencils (since I always tend to lose or break my pencils). Then I have some non-school related items that I keep in the front pocket. I have:


Lastly, I have a mini pack of tissues, pair of headphones, and then a pouch from Target that I keep pads and tampons in.


And lastly, I of course have my school notebooks, folders to keep all my papers in, and my planner so I can write all my homework down and [attempt to] stay organized.

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When do you go back to school?! Lemme know in the comment section!!


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